A New Look

For those who have been following this blog, you will notice an obvious new look. I’m gearing up to make this appear more like an official website. There are still a few changes I want to make, and a couple of things I want to add, so stay tuned.

Check and Double Check

I was having some issues last week with my laptop, so I took it to someone I knew who could fix it. Knowing that the chances were high that he would have to reload everything, I downloaded all my files and pictures onto flashdrive.

So when I got my computer back and went to transfer my flashdrive data back onto the laptop, I discovered that my pictures were gone. I had failed to check that everything had transferred successfully. All the photos from the Queen Anne cottage for my mystery story, and all the great firework shots for my new book promo were gone.

Of course I can go back and retake the Victorian home in the Fall when it opens again, but I will have to wait quite awhile to get those fireworks shots.

But this proved a valuable lesson. I should never assume that my data transferred correctly. I should always check and double check. Things worked out well this time, but some very valuable files could have been lost because of my carelessness.

Prep Time

Time’s running out. I’m told my new picture book with Pelican Publishing, The Declaration of Independence from A to Z, will be out sometime after January, and there’s lots to do before then. I need to build an official website; write up a study guide; and work on two different programs for school visits. Plus, I need to keep marketing ideas flowing that will promote the book: bookmarks, postcards, flyers, etc.

There’s lots to do and one could easily get worried since time is zooming by. But I know if I take things step by step, working on a little each day, I will have these projects completed with time to spare. I already have a ton ideas floating through my head. I just hope I remember them all!

It is important to give yourself plenty of prep time. Sometimes we procrastinate and then wonder where the time went. Write down your list of ideas of things to do. Give yourself reasonable deadlines. Try to work on each item a bit each day or every other day.  Then reward yourself when you meet and even beat your goals.

Make your prep time work for you!