School Visits


The Declaration: A Historical Look: Too many Americans are out of touch when it comes to the importance of the Declaration of Independence. In this presentation, I take students through a historical look at the events leading up to the signing of this important document by comparing 18th century culture to modern day America. This program can be adapted for children K – 7.
Building a Writing Career: In this presentation I speak to students about writing and how to start building a successful writing career. This program can be adapted for children K – 12.

Presentation Needs: A table for props, a whiteboard or chalkboard, and a flat surface for maps or documents are helpful. A microphone is needed for larger groups in big rooms with over 50 students. Bottle water is appreciated.

Presentation Format: Presentations last approximately 45 minutes, followed by book signings. Presentations are best suited for 1-2 grade levels at a time, and I will present to either small groups (a single classroom) or larger assemblies. However, smaller groups do allow for more interaction with the students.

Honorarium: $800 (up to 3 presentations), plus expenses (which depends upon the distance from my home). Schools within a reasonable driving distance of each other may share presentation expenses. Contact me with any questions.

Book Sales: The Declaration of Independence from A to Z is available from Pelican Publishing Company via its parent company Arcadia Publishing Company. For retail, wholesale, tax-exempt or author sales or inquiries,email or call 888-313-2665. Rates subject to change. Please call for the latest information.

Visiting the Genevieve Didion School in Sacramento

Reading to the 6th graders at Buena Vista Arts-Integrated

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