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Publishing Syndicate Churchmouse Publications Launches Website to Serve Faith-based Community

UNITED STATES: HUDSON, NEW HAMPSHIRE (July 14th, 2009) – Churchmouse Publications, LLC, a new web-based publishing syndicate created to serve the Christian community, recently announced the launch of their website  This online publishing syndicate offers creative features for faith-based publications in real-time downloads, priced at syndication rates.

Churchmouse Publications’ customer base is divided into four faith-based patron groups: 1) churches and ministries; 2) newspapers and periodicals; 3) organizations and fellowships; and 4) individuals and business owners.

Co-founder Clarice G. James states, “Our pre-launch market research helped us put together a core group of talented people to meet the needs of our various patron groups. Our producers include published authors, columnists, poets, cartoonists, illustrators, and photographers from all over the United States and Canada and Great Britain, too.”

From their Cape Cod, Massachusetts location, co-founder Susan W. Loud adds, “Prior to launch, we had stocked our virtual shelves with over 1,200 creative features—and new submissions are being uploaded daily. As a syndicate, we are licensed by our producers to distribute their features simultaneously to patrons, nationally and internationally, on our website. Syndication is how we keep our prices low.”

The features syndicated on are designed for patrons to use in their in-house print or online publications. Patrons register online, select and purchase their features, download them and insert them into their own publications. All features may be previewed in their entirety prior to purchase and come with a 100% money-back guarantee.  There are no membership fees, no long contracts and no obligation to purchase attached to a patron’s registration.

Loud says, “We honor the word copyright. Our producers know we go the extra mile to protect their creative work, and our patrons never have to wonder whether they are violating copyright law. We make it quite clear which features are copyright-free and which ones are copyright-protected. Both patrons and producers respect and appreciate that.”

Churchmouse Publications is not a pay-per-click content site. They are a web-based publishing syndicate which meets recognized publishing industry standards. As such, they actively seek patrons, market the work of their producers, and pay their producers professional industry scale.

Similar to the secular syndicates who represent producers of columns like Ann Landers and Dave Barry or cartoons like Blondie and Andy Capp, Churchmouse seeks to represent professional producers who speak specifically to the Christian audience and their lifestyle.

Churchmouse Publications business model is new in the faith-based community. The company’s purpose is to help their patrons achieve more creative and professional in-house publications without increasing staff or payroll costs or incurring high freelance fees.

James says, “This is an innovative idea—and we’re excited about it. It’s the right method and the right time. We have the right producers and the right product. More importantly, we have the right motive: to work together with our patrons and producers alike as good stewards of our God-given talents, abilities and resources.”

Local writer Catherine Osornio of Ontario, California is a producer for Churchmouse Publications, LLC.


Clarice G. James

(603) 318-8366

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