I’m learning to juggle. Oh, I’m not picking up oranges or circus clubs and trying to alternate 3 of them in the air. I’ve never been able to do that. But I am trying to juggle my writing with research.

It’s not easy. I’m in the midst of some really in-depth studying for a manuscript I will write next month, but I don’t want to burn out because of the intensity of my subject. Then I need to keep on top of some writing projects, but I want to make use of every opportunity to read my research books (you should see the stack I want to go through).

The important thing is to prioritize. Right now my main priority is to find as much information on my topic so I can begin writing the manuscript next month. I found that if I give myself so many hours a day to read, then I can put the books aside without guilt and spend some time writing later in the day. Although it’s not a perfect plan (life has a way of throwing curve balls into any schedule), it’s been working so far. I expect to be finished researching in time.

Juggling takes time to master; but just think of all that can be accomplished once you learn!



A New Year, A New Set of Goals

It’s important as writers to keep setting new goals. They don’t have to be radically diverse like writing your memoirs in a month or memorizing the newest writer’s style manual. But they should be productive to your writing career, like trying to increase your writing time ten minutes each week, or sending out 5 more queries each month.

As dedicated writers, we should be finishing what we start and reworking where we are going. We need to set our sights for the horizon, but once we move forward, we need to reset our focus because the area we have covered has shifted and changed, and there is a new horizon in view.

As we begin this new year, let us seriously look at our writing to see what we have accomplished and determine where we would like to be. There are some great avenues ahead. Where are you going in 2011?