Group Signing

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of being part of Educator Appreciation Week at Borders Books in Yorba Linda, California where I was part of a group book signing. I sat alongside three other first time authors, Suzanne Santillan, Dina Lombardi, and Meagan Barnes.

I had never participated in a group signing before, but I had a great time. It was fun sharing our road-to-publication stories, especially since all of us had unique ones to share. I also enjoyed the conversations since it is sometimes awkward sitting by yourself in a normal solitary signing; but here we talked about all sorts of writing related topics: publishing opportunities, marketing techniques, presentation tips, school visits, blogs, critique groups, etc. It made the time fly by.

Special thanks to Jamie and Kelli of Borders Books for the opportunity. And thanks to Suzanne, Dina, and Meagan for a great afternoon!