I finally signed my first children’s book contract. What an exciting feeling! I almost don’t believe it’s happened. One of the dreams of a writer is to be published anywhere. But to get a book contract–well, it’s amazing.

Some people may say I’m lucky because I caught the attention of a publisher and now a book is under way. I don’t call it luck. I call it Providential. Nothing in life is by accident or luck. God knew from the beginning of time that I would come along in this time period and that I would eventually become a writer.

Yes, I had to put in the hard work of studying and researching how to put my thoughts and ideas onto paper, but it was God who gave me the ability to learn. He is the one Who I trusted to direct my paths.

So, I thank God that He has allowed me to write, and I thank Him that on April 2, 2008 I signed my first book contract. Hopefully, it won’t be my last.

2 Responses

  1. Catherine, I am confident it will be the beginning of many other contracts you will have to sign!


  2. Catherine, Your blog looks great! Love the landscape picture you took.
    Congratulations on signing that first contract!!! Wordsmiths will definitely celebrate when that book comes out! Providential for sure.
    Love, Sheryl Crawford

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