Business Cards

I just received my brand new box of business cards. Since my book won’t be out until the Fall of 2009, I had hesitated before. But when I read a recent blog post by a published author that it was a good idea to have some, I decided to take the plunge.     

I used an online printer and spent a good two hours checking out the various backgrounds. The blog had suggested putting your picture onto the front of the card to give publishers and editors a face to remember after conferences. Because my picture had a greenish background, I needed to make sure that any design I chose would complement the photo.

After I found a background design, I worked on the placement of the photo and my name for the front of the card. Then I worked on the back of the card, choosing the same background with a darker color, and then setting up my name and contact information. I made sure I had enough blank space on the back to jot down notes (and for all those future autographs I may one day be signing). I was very satisfied with the results and I had fun along the way.

Of course I was a little concerned on how the final product would look. Designing something online doesn’t guarantee it will come out as nice and polished as it looks on my monitor. But I do have to say they did a great job. I was very pleased.

With today’s modern technology business cards are inexpensive and just a few clicks away. If you are serious about your writing career, it’s a good idea to get some. You can use them to promote school visits, to hand out to editors and publishers at conferences and seminars, to give to fellow writers, and to advertise your blog and/or website. It’s well worth the time and money.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Catherine, I can’t wait to see your new business cards! I need to order some, too, so this information was very helpful.

  2. Catherine, a good business card is important. So is the design.

    Thanks for encouraging writers to invest in this inexpensive way to promote themselves.


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