Getting In the Mood

What do you do to get into the mood to write? Do you play soft music in the background? Do you wear a certain hat or use a particular pen? Do you take a walk before you start to compose, or do you take a nap to feel refreshed?

I don’t do any of the above. I get into the mood by praying for inspiration. It is through prayer that I am demonstrating my dependence upon God for ideas. He put writing into my heart as a career. I told Him that I would write as long as He gave me ideas, and it’s fun to see how God keeps answering my prayers by giving me some wonderful insights. Sometimes it’s just a matter of time to get something down on paper.

How do you get into a writing mood?

2 Responses

  1. Catherine, I think that’s my problem. I tend to need to be in the “mood” to write. I call it getting that inspiration. Some of the greatest writers have all agreed it is a matter of disciplining yourself to sit down and begin to write. Then the inspiration may come. If not, you just keep writing until it does. I’m going to try that this year. I think God will honor my faithfulness and give me wisdom. If he chooses to have my work published, awesome. If not, I am still doing what I feel I am called to do.

    P.S. You are a gifted writer!


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