Research vs. Writing

My time is limited. Being a wife and a mother of four, I know my writing has to take second place. So when I do sit down to work, I have to be very specific in the tasks I need to complete.

Research is such a critical part of my writing, especially if I’m working on non-fiction articles. When I have a deadline looming (like within the next week or two), I often won’t set specific writing-only times for other projects. This is tough, but since I only have so much time in the day to work, I have to include reading and digging up facts that will make my article desirable to my editor.

But once that deadline is met, I will make the time to work on those other opuses that are dear to my heart. This may not be the best approach, but it is what works for me at this moment in my life when my family must come first.

2 Responses

  1. Catherine, you have your priorities right. Some day your precious children will be gone and you’ll have more time to write. I think you do an amazing job now!


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