I sometimes work on writing projects with a friend of mine. In fact it was her desire to learn about writing that launched me on my own writing journey. But it isn’t always easy working together. So here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years to help when collaborating.

1.      Find a common ground. In our case we are both Christians, so we will pray to ask God for time and direction in our writing efforts.

2.      Allow for varying personalities. Because we are different from one another, we know we will not always agree on everything 100%. This is where our faith helps, too, because we can step back and pray for the Lord to help us work any snags in our relationship. Of course, we also realize that it’s these differences that give texture and substance to a lot of what we write.

3.      Be respectful of one another. This means making sure you listen completely to what your writing partner has to say.

4.      Don’t be impatient if timing doesn’t always work out. This has been a tough one for me because sometimes I want to work, work, work. But then I have to remember point #2. Because of our different personalities, we both have different work habits as well as work schedules. I have learned to wait on God’s timing, which always works out for the best when I wait for it.


I’m sure there are more collaborating tips that I will learn as time goes on. I just enjoy being able to have a good friend to bounce ideas off of.

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