A Tribute

Even though I didn’t grow up wanting to be a writer, I have to acknowledge that my training started early. Loving to read helped. I was reading since before Kindergarten and I haven’t stopped since. Reading helped me to develop my vocabulary and taught me a lot about imagery and story telling.

But the hardest training I had, that definitely prepared me for the writer’s path I am on today, was my high school Honors English classes with Sister Bernadette. She was very strict, and the rules of grammar were literally carved into your brain. It was either learn or be ostracized. I chose to learn.

And I’m glad I did. Her lessons helped me stand out in the job market when someone with good writing skills was needed. Friends and family members still ask me to help compose letters or proofread papers. Her strictness helped me develop discipline to compose quality articles so that, as one editor has put it, he has little to do before he sends my piece on for final review.

So I’m thankful for Sister Bernadette, the toughest teacher I ever had, but whose efforts and faithfulness to her teaching has opened many publishing doors for me.

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