Note Taking Photography Style

The other day I toured an old Queen Anne style home in a nearby city. It was part of a research trip for a mystery story I’m writing. Because I needed first hand information, this tour helped me get a feel for a home that I will be writing about in my story.

I took along a small note pad and pen, but I never pulled them out. I was too busy taking pictures of every detail I could find: candelabras, mirrors, sash windows, fireplaces, an alcove, the music room, the library, etc. I took a total of 68 pictures in that little 45 minute tour. I would have taken more, but I had forgotten to change out my camera batteries, and I was trying to conserve energy by only taking pictures of crucial areas.

And the pictures turned out great. I have a good visual library now of an 1891 Victorian home that I can refer to as I work on my manuscript.

Next time you need to do research on a particular topic, take your digital camera along. The pictures will help keep that creativity flowing into your story.

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  1. Great idea, Catherine!


  2. Great post. this is what I looking for, thanks

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