Check and Double Check

I was having some issues last week with my laptop, so I took it to someone I knew who could fix it. Knowing that the chances were high that he would have to reload everything, I downloaded all my files and pictures onto flashdrive.

So when I got my computer back and went to transfer my flashdrive data back onto the laptop, I discovered that my pictures were gone. I had failed to check that everything had transferred successfully. All the photos from the Queen Anne cottage for my mystery story, and all the great firework shots for my new book promo were gone.

Of course I can go back and retake the Victorian home in the Fall when it opens again, but I will have to wait quite awhile to get those fireworks shots.

But this proved a valuable lesson. I should never assume that my data transferred correctly. I should always check and double check. Things worked out well this time, but some very valuable files could have been lost because of my carelessness.

2 Responses

  1. Oh, OUCH! That’s terrible about losing your pictures. I’m so sorry, Catherine! Well—you’ll never forget it so it won’t happen again. I remember losing much of my first picture book (years ago) because I didn’t click “save” and didn’t back up with floppy’s. Lost it all and had to rely on my memory. Ahhh!

  2. Catherine, I’m so sorry! I know that had to be difficult. Thanks so much for sharing with us so that we will not make the same mistake.


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