Creative Promotion

As the release of my book The Declaration of Independence from A to Z draws near, I’ve been thinking hard of some promotional ideas. One of those is to create some short videos I can put on YouTube. I’ve already filmed and partially edited one, and I have the idea for another.

Once I get a copy of the cover, I want to make business cards and flyers that I can hand out at writer’s groups and school visits. I’m even going to have bookmarks made to hand out to the kids that will include the book’s ISBN and ordering information.

Although my book won’t be out for another 6 months or so, the time will fly by, and I must do all I can now to prepare. What are your creative promotion ideas?

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  1. Catherine, I’m impressed with your tenacity about marketing. Everything I read says it is what you MUST do to see your book sells well.

    We all look forward to finally seeing the finished product!


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