Today is the first day in two months that I’ve had peace and quiet as I sat in front of my laptop. Well, it’s not exactly quiet. I hear the cars on the street and the constant spin of the dryer. But there are no other voices or TV shows or blips and beeps of computer games to distract me.

You see, my kids have all gone back to school, so I have a little quiet in my day. I have been able to work on a project for a few hours without being interrupted every so many minutes to settle a dispute or answer a question.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my kids and I love having them around. But it is nice to be able to sit down and be productive with my writing in just a few hours instead of a few days. I used to be able to work in all kinds of noise when I first started to write, but there is something about having no one else around that keeps those thoughts clear and those ideas flowing. I guess my brain doesn’t have to compete for attention this way.

And what perfect timing, too. I have a few deadlines I have to meet in the next few weeks that need my total attention.

How’s your productivity going?

3 Responses

  1. Hi, Catherine (o; Glad you had some wonderful peace and quiet. Reminds me of one of my favorite pic bks, Five Minutes Peace! So cute. Have you read it? Mother elephant is simply trying to soak in a hot tub. She doesn’t end up in the tub alone (o; My kids are grown so that business at home during the summer is gone—but let me tell you about dogs! Sometimes they’re like kids! Today I wrote with two noisy but adorable rescued chihuahuas!

  2. Catherine, this summer I’ve learned to write in areas that were not quiet. A new thing for me and I was surprised I was productive. With kids still at home, I guess that is something you deal with quite often!


  3. Hey, Catherine, this post inspired me to write a post on my blog—tile: “Hey! I’m Trying to Write, Here!” Thanks for the inspiration (o; I’ve got a couple of questions in my post I’d like my writer friends to answer in the comments box. Want to give them a try?

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