As I develop in my writing career, I notice that I’ve become more passionate about certain subjects. It’s not that my passions have changed so much; it seems they are more fine-tuned. The more I write, the more I see what topics are becoming near and dear to my heart.

I’ve written a variety of genres: devotionals, fiction, nonfiction, Bible stories, early readers, etc., but I have really come to enjoy middle grade, particularly adventures and mysteries. Maybe it’s because I remember the excitement I felt as a young girl when I turned the pages of a great story, sharing in the adventures with the protagonist as she/he opened that squeaky door or entered that dark cave.

Of course, I currently don’t have any of these stories published, but that is a goal I’m tirelessly pursuing. God knows the perfect timing, even if I do not. In the meantime, I’ll follow the doors the Lord has opened up for me, which is currently early American history.

What are your writing passions?

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  1. Hi, Catherine (o; You’ve definitely fine-tuned your writing to reflect what you are passionate about! I’ve read some of your middle grade writing and it’s EXCITING! Squeaky doors. Dark caves. YOU know how to pull your reader in! Love the way you write.

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