Peaks and Valleys

I’ve noticed that writers experience peaks and valleys in their creativity. There will be some stretches of time where idea after idea pops into our heads. We can work on several projects at once without confusion, and we meet our deadlines head-on, often ahead of schedule.

Then there are times when it’s a strain to come up with anything remotely creative. We may even have a deadline looming, but for some reason, those brain cells just don’t seem to be functioning. Our work, although sufficient, doesn’t meet our usual standards, and we wonder just where those ideas went.

As a writer who happens to be a Christian, I use my peaks and valleys as opportunities to get closer to God. When I’m at the top of my game, I can praise the One who gave me the active brain that came up with the ideas and opportunities. But when I feel that my mind just can’t get hold of an idea, I can pray for patience to see me through to the end of the valley and for guidance to write what He wants me to write. Either way I’m in a win/win situation since God is with me every step of the way in the writing career He gave me.

How do you handle those peaks and valleys?

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