Making Progress

In my previous post I wrote about my goal of finishing up my middle grade mystery in a month. So far…I’m doing okay. I really would have liked to have finished another chapter and a half, but considering I needed to make two trips to the library for some research materials (along with dealing with my normal day-to-day mom/wife duties), I think I’m making progress.

In fact, I enjoy writing up a few pages, and then, as I go off to do other things, I can mull over what I just wrote and come up with some good action scenes or some creative snatches of dialogue that will carry the chapter along.

I’m in the midst of Chapter 9. My goal this week is to get to Chapter 12 by the weekend. Of course, the self-editor in me keeps wanting to stop and make changes, but I think if I want to keep my deadline, I will just need to keep on writing and edit later. The flow must go on!

Until next time!

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  1. Catherine, I know about that self-editor. The rascal is always hounding me! I think he’s a perfectionist like me and doesn’t like it when I don’t get everything just right!!!


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