The Importance of Deadlines

How important are deadlines? To me they are just as important as the article or story I write. Why? Because I have found the more I make or beat my deadlines, the more work I receive.

Editors have schedules they have to keep. If a writer can help them stick to their schedules, or even get their work in earlier, then they are more likely to use you again. They may even call you out of the blue and give you work that you didn’t even ask for.  This has happened to me repeatedly, so I always make sure I beat my deadlines and give them quality work as well.

And, if you don’t turn in your work on time (except for a major emergency), then your chances of getting any additional work are very slim.

So next time you are given a deadline, work very hard to get your work in at least a day or two beforehand. You never know how it could bless your writing career.


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