Counting Down

This is the time of year where most people start counting down the number of days before Christmas. Time is short because there are lots to do before that wonderful day. As a writer, though, I don’t only count down to Christmas; I count down to Christmas vacation.

My kids get two weeks off from school. That’s two weeks where it is extremely difficult to write because the house gets noisier with them all at home. So when I think of counting down, I take into consideration that there are so many days left for writing with limited interruptions. Currently, I have 7 1/2 days left to finish 4 assignments if I want to have a more relaxed Christmas. If I don’t get them done by then, I will still have a little over two weeks to finish, but then I know my creativity will be stressed.

Don’t get me wrong: I love my kids and I enjoy my time with them. But someone is paying me for quality writing, so I must deliver in the best way I can; and that way is best achieved with as little distractions as possible.

So how is your countdown to Christmas?

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  1. Catherine, I hope you get those assignments done before the kids get their break! My kids are all grown and I miss those days of chaos. Of course, when I was going through them, those were not exactly my thoughts. 😀


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