Keeping Current Events

I am noticing as I prepare for the release of my first book, The Declaration of Independence from A to Z, that it is necessary to keep events current. With facebook, blogs, and author pages to think about, I need to make sure that I am posting regularly, and that I keep on top of upcoming dates.

Have I listed my book’s release date on all sites? Have I kept up with book signings, making sure I post correct dates, times, and locations? Is my photo current? Have I posted my book’s image?

It is important to keep all this up-to-date. You want potential fans to find your book. If necessary, mark a day on your calendar every week or every other week to specifically work on updates.

And it is also important to keep looking for new marketing ideas. I want to post a video to both youtube and Amazon’s author page. This is exposure time, and an author needs to get his/her book out into the public eye.

What are you doing to keep current your events?

2 Responses

  1. Great ideas, Catherine! You are on the ball for sure. I’d like to hear more about how to post videos on both youtube and on an amazon author page. I’d like to do those two things as well. Teach me! Congratulations on a BEAUTIFUL BOOK! The illustrations are breathtaking!

  2. Catherine, I don’t know anyone who is more “on top” of things like this. Your organizational skills are awesome, something to immulate!


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