Domino Effect

Do you ever think about how one thing leads to another? If I hadn’t offered to help my friend improve her writing, I wouldn’t have been bitten by the writing bug. And if I hadn’t been written by the writing bug at that time, I wouldn’t be having a book coming out next month. One domino drops, and a whole sequence starts moving.

I may have had a little domino effect today. If I hadn’t taken time to make a phone call about a non-writing matter this morning, the person I called would have never known I was a writer. And if that person didn’t know I was a writer, I may not have an opportunity for a possible event regarding my book.

We never know where our steps will take us, but if we never step out and move in a direction, we’ll never know what potentials are waiting for us.

Where are your dominos leading you?

4 Responses

  1. Yes, Catherine! Isn’t that amazing? And the domino effect surely isn’t a coincidence (o;

  2. Isn’t it amazing how one thing leads to another, oftentimes even when they are unrelated. Must be a masterplan involved! 😀


  3. I just found your site over at Sheryl’s. I write MG and picture books. I was into genealogy and wanted to write about my family. I had written a picture book about berry picking when I was a kid. I was at the library checking out a book about how to write and the librarian asked me if I knew about the writing group in Ripley. She gave me their number and I started attending their meetings. That was one of the best phone calls I ever made. I’ve been attending the meetings for almost 3 years and I have learned so much. I have had a short story published and write a children’s column for a regional magazine. None of this would have happened if I hadn’t made that phone call.

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