Starting Out

I’m in the process of preparing for a school visit I have later in the week for a group of 6th grade students at a local elementary school. The teacher wants me to talk about writing so I can encourage those who may one day want to be writers.

There is so much to share. The journey I took, like most writers, was one of stepping stones and building blocks. One step led to another, which led to another, etc. But one of the main things I want to stress to these students is the importance of learning, especially at their age.

It is now that they should be reading all they can get their hands on. It is now that they should be developing their spelling and grammar skills. Knowing how thoughts are expressed in a written format, and knowing how to put  one’s thoughts and ideas down coherently at an early age can only increase one’s chances of publication later on.

I am so thankful for some of the tough English teachers I had growing up. I didn’t enjoy those classes at that time, but I did do one thing: I learned. And that learning has opened up some amazing writing doors for me.

3 Responses

  1. WOW, what an honor it is to be related to a published author and speaker. I am totally proud of your accomplishments. May God’s Blessings keep pouring over you abundantly.

  2. Catherine, I know you will be an inspiration to the kids!


  3. Have fun. I spoke to 6th graders once about a story I had written, and they were a great group. You will enjoy it.

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