Need Inspiration? Take a Walk!

My family and I took a walk around the neighborhood the other day after dinner. We walked a good 2 1/2 miles round trip. There were lots to see and hear. People watering their lawns. Dogs barking from behind tall fences. Fruit trees filled with ripening fruit. Wonderful scents of blossoming flowers.

And even though I wasn’t looking for it, I found writing inspiration in several ways. I saw a ceramic animal and came up with a title for a new novel. We passed by a house that looked dark and sinister; a potential setting for some future story. We saw an old dilapidated cannon nestled in someone’s side yard; a great piece of a puzzle to solve a mystery.

There are wonderful inspirations all around us; ideas waiting to be told in an adventure or mystery or drama. If you ever find yourself lacking inspiration, don’t despair. Take a walk. You may be surprised at what you find just around the corner.

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