Reassess and Reschedule

Summer vacation is around the corner for many of us. Soon the quiet writing hours will turn to noisy chaos when the kids are home from school for the next few months. It’s time to reassess and reschedule.

By reassess, I mean we need to determine our writing priorities. There are some things (deadlines) we absolutely need to do, and others (specific hours of writing time) that we need to do with less intensity if we want to give our families top priority. My writing is important, but my husband and children are more important, so they need to know that although mom is a writer who has responsibilities, those responsibilities can be put on hold every once in awhile when needed.

By reschedule, I mean we need to alter our daily writing time to fit the needs of the day. Instead of writing Monday through Friday, perhaps we can write every other day. Taking the kids to swimming lessons? Try writing that article while sitting in the bleachers or in your folding chair under a tree while you wait. Just make sure to give the kids a wave now and again. Need to do research? Look up the books you need from your computer at home, then take a family outing to the library so the kids can pick up some great reading materials while you pick up your research books.

There are ways to work out summer writing and summer vacation. Be creative and be willing to reassess and reschedule.

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  1. Great ideas for busy moms! I especially love the library thing!

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