This week is career week at a school district some distance from my home, and today is my day to speak about writing. I will share with the young students about my writing career and what needs to be done to become a writer, but I’ll also be handing out some freebies such as one of my bookmarks and some past issues of magazines I’ve written for.

Freebies are great for both the kids and for me. With issues of magazines, not only am I sharing my stories, but I’m advertising the magazine. If the magazine keeps publishing, I may keep being one of the writers. With my bookmark, the kids have a fun and colorful reminder to read my new book. I also have my website and email address listed on the bookmark so kids can download my color pages or write me a note.

On other occasions I have passed out little Betsy Ross flag pins, and I hope to pass out a copy or two of the Declaration of Independence at another speaking engagement.

It’s important to draw interest to you and your book. Sometimes freebies are a fun way to go.

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