Career Day

I was honored to be one of the participants of the Lankershim Elementary School Career Awareness Week in Highland, CA. The theme this year was “Get Started!” and in the 45 minute slot I was given, I shared with a 5th/6th grade combination class my writing journey. I spoke about the importance of learning all you can learn, because you never know if you can use those skills in your future. I constantly mentioned the importance of research, especially in the writing field, since all of my stories, including a lot of fiction, need good solid facts to back them up. We talked about the fact that it’s okay if you don’t know exactly what you want to be at this moment, because, like myself, that can change; but it is crucial that you keep up with your studies. And, I mentioned not to be surprised if not everyone likes their work. Rejection is normal, especially in writing, but perseverance will eventually pay off.

I hope the students I shared with enjoyed themselves today. They were a very attentive and courteous group, and I wish them the very best for their futures.


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