Setting Short Term Goals

As a beginning writer it’s important to set short term goals. This way you can ease yourself into a writing routine. Start out by setting aside ten minutes each day to write. Try to set that ten minutes for the same time each day. After two weeks increase the time to twenty minutes. Continue this pattern until you have developed the writing schedule that works best for you.

If you cannot continuously write for long periods of time, break it up into different segments throughout the day. The point is to comfortably build in and build up your daily writing time.

Next, start developing your publishing credits. We already discussed Writers’ Guides in To Market, To Market. Look into the Magazine section of your guide and start noting the ones you’d like to submit to. Study their guidelines, and then set a goal to write one article every two weeks. Then send out your articles!

Taking short, easy steps will give you the discipline you need to develop your writing routine. Looking at your goals in small segments will allow you to gain the confidence you need to pursue publication.

2 Responses

  1. Catherine, thanks for the good information to the beginning writer. I hope they listen to your advice!


  2. Thanks, Catherine! On days when I’m so busy with “life” it helps to remember to keep even just one simple writing goal. I’m hoping we can all meet our goals today! -Nancy

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