Love the Laptop

I am really enjoying my laptop. I can take it anywhere: outside, the kitchen table, my room, the library, a restaurant, etc. It’s my alternate when the kids want to use my main computer (which seems to be occurring more often this summer), and it’s great when I’m not feeling my best and can still work with fluffed up pillows instead of my stiff computer chair.

It allows me to feel less constrained in my writing since I feel very comfortable tapping out my thoughts, reflections, ideas, and stories wherever I please. What also helps is my wireless connection to the internet. I don’t have to download my blog posts to a disk and run it over to my main computer in order to put it onto my blogs. I can sit, compose, and post all from my laptop. Of course, I’m only as good as the life of my battery, but that’s where the ac adapter comes in.

Yes, I’m really enjoying my laptop. It has become a very valuable tool in my writing pursuits.

One Response

  1. I have to confess, I’m coveting our laptop! It seems it can free one up to write just about anywhere when an epiphany comes!
    Love your blog, Catherine (o:

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