Getting Organized II

Well, my office organization has come to a temporary halt. I ordered my corner desk and waited with eager anticipation for its arrival. It came last Friday, but a busy morning schedule kept me from opening it up right away. When I finally did and pulled out all the pieces, I discovered that I was missing all the hardware! There was no way I could put it together.


Of course I was very disappointed. I had been looking forward to getting my new work corner set up. I already bought and assembled a small cabinet that I have used to clean up my desk area and a lot of the files that had managed to accumulate on the floor. Now I have to wait a full week before the furniture company can send me the parts from back East.


Setbacks are common in all areas of life, including writing. Maybe I won’t finish in my original timeframe, but I will get it done. At least I’m stepping in the right direction!

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