Income or Outcome

Do you write for income, outcome, or both? Are they even compatible with one another? I try to write for outcome, and when I get income out of it, I feel extra blessed. But income and outcome can go hand in hand. If you write a good product, your opportunities for income increase. If you aren’t concerned about outcome, then your chances become poor for any type of payment since editors will not pay for inferior work.


My primary purpose in writing is not about how much money I can make. When God called me to write a few years back, He didn’t promise a steady income or any remuneration at all. But, in my obedience to Him, I have been blessed with some payment along the way.


Do I make money for everything I write? No, and I’m glad I don’t. I want my goal to be getting a good message out, whether it’s inspirational, like many of the articles I write for my church’s newsletter, or encouraging for kids, like the early readers for a school’s reading program.


It’s no secret in the writing community that most writers don’t make tons of money. The old cliché says, “Don’t quit your day job.” Since I’m a stay-at-home mom, the money is not a huge aspect for me; but the few dollars I do make goes “right back into the business” so my writing expenses are not a burden on the family budget.


On the other hand, I am aware of many children’s writers who need their income to live on. They will take on work-for-hire projects since those are better sources of immediate income than royalty contracts. It’s icing on the cake if they can get both, since the royalty checks only come twice a year, and work-for-hire usually pays when the work is done.


Some Christians have a conflict when it comes to their reason for writing, especially since they know their gift comes from God. They feel they should be concentrating solely on inspirational instead of on secular projects. I used to have some issues with this, but then I realized that by using the gifts God gave me in all areas of my life I am blessing Him with my commitment to doing my best. I am getting out stories that give a positive Christian worldview (even if I never mention God in the story), and I am sharing God’s love through my attitude and professionalism. I now feel freer to write a good outcome in all areas that could bring in some income as well.


Income or outcome doesn’t have to be an issue for a writer. Try always do your best to get out a good product, and if a check comes with it, consider it an extra blessing.

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  1. Catherine, thanks for the reminder.
    Like you, I felt I should write only religious material or I wasn’t being faithful to the call of God on my life to write. I do not believe that now. Although I occassionally get a twinge of guilt, I know it is not from God. I think any writing I do should be my best. That way I am honoring God with the gift he has given me.


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