For some reason people have a view of writers sitting in their isolated mountain cabins or island bungalows, typing up their grand opus with only the bears or birds as company. Writers do need quiet times to work (although in my household, that is a rare commodity), but writers cannot stay isolated. They need to be able to make contacts and connections in order to find and promote their work.


The creative process is a major component of writing, but once you have finished your piece, you must determine (if you haven’t done so already) where it’s going to go. If you are trying to publish your work, you will need contacts.


Contacts can come from a variety of areas. Many of my contacts have come from friends in writers’ groups who have shared information and have even put in a good word for me with an editor or publisher. One contact came from answering a newspaper ad. Others have come from meeting people at a book fair. Even commenting on blogs and joining Yahoo! Groups can lead to an increase in connections.


Writing calls for an audience because a work is meant (in most cases) to be read by others. But if you never reach out to make contacts, your writing efforts will be wasted. I’m shy by nature, but my desire to share good quality stories and inspire others can only come if I put aside my shyness and make efforts to meet new people in order to share what I have to say.


Don’t be isolated. It’s a writer’s worse enemy.

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  1. Thank you for reminding us of the importance of avoiding isolation. Sometimes we think the only way to make contact with authors and editors is to attend costly conferences. As you’ve shown us, there are other avenues such as commenting on blogs, attending book fairs, etc.

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