A Creative Cache

Do you have a Creative Cache? Actually, that’s just a fancy name for an Idea Box. I think every writer should have one. This is where you store all those little (or big, if you have the room) items that will inspire your upcoming stories.


You don’t need a super fancy container. A shoe box will do. The choice is yours. I found a little unfinished wood treasure chest at Michael’s art supplies. I have placed it on my work desk so I can be reminded that there are potential tales stored inside.


And what do I keep inside my Creative Cache? I have a piece of coral, a weird shaped rock, and a fragment of old glass. The coral came from a friend who vacationed on a tropical island. The other items were from vacations in the Southwest. They are my story starters. They are little sparks of an idea that will bring a mystery or an adventure to life.


When friends and family go on trips, I encourage them to find me little out of the ordinary things that I can use for inspiration. And I will keep them inside my Creative Cache. Then, when I have time to write a new story, I can open my little treasure chest and pull out what could be the start of a grand adventure.


If you don’t have your own Creative Cache or Idea Box, you may want to start one. It’s a fun way to ignite your imagination.

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