First-Time Attendee

I finally did it. I finally attended my first writers’ event. This past Saturday I joined over 150 other members of the SCBWI for Editor’s Day at the Santa Ana Zoo. The weather was cool, with the threat of rain, but inside we were very snug, with eager anticipation for the talks ahead.

Since I’ve never been to any type of writers’ program before (except for visiting the exhibits at ALA this past summer), I wasn’t sure what to expect. Thankfully, I knew a few people, so I didn’t feel isolated. And since I’ve been writing for a few years now, I knew all the terms.

The guest speakers were great. We were able to glean from the wisdom and encouragement and knowledge of the respected editors and writers who took the time to share. Besides this benefit, the attendees will get a small window of opportunity to submit to the editors’ publishing houses that are normally closed to the average writer.

Would I recommend Editors’ Day to an up and coming writer? Absolutely! It will help encourage you and give you a pulse for the current publishing world.

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