The Elusive Note Pad

I need to start carrying a note pad wherever I go. There are just too many times when I have an idea and I didn’t have something to write on because I was running a quick errand (the back of receipts doesn’t count).


And I have no excuse. I have plenty of note pads to choose from that are waiting to be filled with clever words and phrases. I guess I just don’t like having extra things to carry. Maybe I’m trying to keep my mind active by seeing how long I can keep all those fresh ideas in my head. Yet I find as I get older that those ideas slip away much faster than they used to.


So I need to develop a new habit. I will always need to carry three things with me: my keys, my cell phone, and my note pad. It will be hard to remember the note pad at first, but the benefits might be a new picture book idea, or a uniquely inspiring story for my personal blog. I’ll let you know how I succeed later on down the line.

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