A Reason to Say Thanks

Although most writers write alone, there are a plethora of others who contribute to a writer’s success. Editors, publishers, critique groups, family, and friends all play a vital role in the writing process. But are you remembering to say, “Thank you!”

Sometimes we get caught up in our busy and hectic schedules that we forget to acknowledge the prayers, the hugs, the supportive phone calls, the suggestions, and the encouragements we get. I know my career wouldn’t be on the path it is now if weren’t for the nudges and prayers of my best friend, the “I’m so proud of you” comments from immediate family members, the encouragement, support, and mentoring from my critique group members, and the receptiveness and opportunities from my editors.

So for this Thanksgiving week I want to extend a very warm THANK YOU to all those who have brightened my day, challenged my skills, and had faith and hope in me!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

One Response

  1. Catherine,
    Thanks so much for all you have added to my life!


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