Noise Levels

Must it be quiet when you write or do you need the top ten tunes blaring from your stereo system?

When I started taking my writing seriously several years ago, I had young kids running around the house. I eventually learned to tune out the noise while still being tuned to the occasional cry for help. Looking back, I am amazed at how much work I actually got done.

Now that my children are in school all day, I prefer quiet, especially when I am creating something new. I find it very difficult to write good dialogue or to concentrate on a twist in the plot when my mind is competing with background lyrics or talk show conversations.

Once in a rare while I will play some soft music, but mostly I prefer the hum of my refrigerator, the purr of my computer, or the muffled roar of a passing car.

What noise levels do you prefer when you are being creative?

One Response

  1. Catherine, I am like you. I prefer quiet. Music is distracting. I catch myself listening to the music and not writing. I can concentrate on only one thing at a time!


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