I Brake for Research

I had to stop working on the middle grade mystery I was writing.  You see, I brake for research. Sometimes as I’m writing a story, I find I’m lacking a bit more background information. So I’ll put aside my writing for a bit so I can dig into some books or articles or whatever I can find to give me a better understanding of an incident or a time period or a fact I need to use. In this case, I need some more details about a specific time in California’s history.

How long will this “brake” last? It all depends. I’m finding a number of sources that are very useful, so it may be a brief stop before I can take up where I left off.

Don’t be afraid to put the brakes on if you find you need more info for your stories. It will make for a more accurate manuscript in the long run.

One Response

  1. Catherine, hope the stop won’t be too long. I look forward to reading more.


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