Working Through a Hectic Life

This past week has been extremely busy running to and fro from school plays, awards assemblies, functions, etc. As a mother of four, I seem to be spending more time in my car than in front of my computer.

As a writer, I need to spend time writing, not only to hone my skills, but to keep those creative juices flowing. But what do we do when we are inundated with some very hectic times? How can we keep that creativity functioning?

Write at every opportunity. Carry a small notebook in your purse or pocket, so when that funny incident occurs, like a kid making a cute comment when his brother goes up to receive an award, or when you hear a great name for a character, you have a place to jot down notes.

Keep your brain working. Have a small tape recorder handy to record thoughts or ideas. This can even work  as you’re driving from place to place (as long as it’s ‘hands-free,’ like we need here in California). Then later when your schedule calms down a bit, transcribe those thoughts, ideas, and dialogue snippets and place them into the projects you’re working on.

The important point to remember is that if we don’t put these things “somewhere,” then we can’t use them anywhere, especially when they’ve been forgotten.

Do what it takes to record your ideas until a time when you can give them better attention. Don’t let a busy schedule keep you from your writing.

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