In the Details

It’s a good thing I like to research. I never realized that much of my writing (perhaps 60% or more) involves research of some sort. Whether it’s looking up facts about early American history, shipping trade along the California coast, or confirming Bible passages, I’m constantly taking time off from writing to look up details.

But that’s okay. I want my stories to be accurate, and I love adding tidbits of information that will make my work interesting to my readers.

Currently I’m working on developing my school visit program. I’ve already scoured the library for books and I’ve electronically visited the digital collections of the Library of Congress to find those wonderful snippets that will make my visit a memorable one. I even have a family member in Virginia checking on some facts when she visits Colonial Williamsburg.

Research is an important aspect of writing. I hope you’re taking the time to get “in the details.”

3 Responses

  1. Catherine, I know you are AWESOME at research! Would you consider doing a mini-blog series on the how-to’s? Perhaps choose a SIMPLE subject just for fun, then take your readers through the process? Just a thought.

    • That is something to consider, Sherri. I’ll have to give it some thought. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Catherine, I would LOVE to see that, too!


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