A Second Signing

This past Saturday I had the second book signing for my book, The Declaration of Independence from A to Z. This time, instead of at a small quaint book store, it was at a large two-story Barnes and Noble in Orange, CA.

The store was gorgeous. I had never been to this particular location before, and it was so different from other Barnes and Nobles. And, despite the on and off rainy day, the place was busy.

I was set up just inside the main entrance. There was a large poster with my name and the book cover outside the main entrance, and as you came in, I was seated to the right on a long table filled with my books.

If you happened to be distracted upon entering, you would have seen an endcap upstairs in the childrens’ section filled with my books and a smaller version of the outside sign. And, if you still missed these obvious displays, you would have heard announcements every so often that I was in the store available to sign copies of my book.

The signing was scheduled from 2pm to 4pm. I stayed a little longer since a friend got lost and was coming to buy 3 books for some co-workers. I loved when kids came up to look at my book, and then were a little shy and excited when I signed their copies. I also enjoyed the discussions I had with fellow Americans concerned with the current state of our country.

Thanks to Barnes and Noble in Orange for their hospitality, and for giving me the opportunity to have a signing at their store. Next week Magic Johnson is scheduled for a signing, so I’m thankful that a big store like this was willing to host a first time author like me.

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