Keep the Creativity Coming

It’s amazing how much marketing is involved in the promotion of a new book. As writers it sometimes seems a bit daunting because we’re supposed to be good at writing, not self-promotion. Yet more and more publishers are requiring their authors to make a presence to help boost sales. And you would think if we can pour out our imaginations or develop our research results into our manuscripts, then it should be pretty easy to come up with great marketing ideas. Well…that’s not always the case.

My grandfather was a  great salesman. I never believed I inherited that trait. Yet I find myself working hard to keep those creative juices flowing to make my book as attractive and inviting as possible. A good looking website, well-designed business cards and bookmarks, contests and great props for school visits  are just some ways to stand out in the crowd.

I’m already on Facebook, although I really don’t know how to use it properly. Next, I want to develop a Power Point presentation to take to school visits. Perhaps I’ll even purchase some promotional products (pencils or magnets or something) with my book’s information to hand out to kids or adults at book signings.

Although I wrote my book 3 years ago, my work on it hasn’t stopped, and probably won’t ever stop. I became a writer so that others could glean something good and positive from what I wrote. Now that I have work to share, I must do my part to get it into the hands of the public. So, I keep that creativity coming when and where I can, so my book will stand up and stand out amongst so many.

What creative ideas have worked for you?

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