Keeping Talks Fresh and Alive

As I set up dates for signings and discussions, I realize I need to be extra creative in what I talk about. Not that I’ll be having lots of return people visiting me at my signings (save for a few friends and family), but there will be times I will revisit locations, so I don’t want too much repeated material.

Of course, my talks will depend on the age of my audience. For instance, I will be speaking to a group of SCBWI members in a few weeks, so I will gear my talk on the lessons I learned while writing my book. In May, I will have a signing with a discussion on one day, and then a storytime and signing on another day. Both will have slightly different audiences, so I will be more kid friendly on the second day. In fact, I’m already working on developing a coloring page and collecting some props to show the kids.

In addition, I’m obtaining more research materials related to colonial times so I can pepper my talks with tidbits and cool and unusual facts.

By keeping my information varied and fresh, I can adapt easily from one group to another. You never know who may be in the audience, and if I can look more appealing to teachers and administrators, then my chances of booking school visits from my talks are increased.

So make sure you take the time to work on your talks and discussions. You never know when they will open up greater opportunities.

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