Visual Aids

Visual aids are important in any presentation. They help illustrate points and make your talks interesting. Your visual aids can come in the form of graphs, charts, photos, cartoons, and drawings. They can also be props such as time period clothing or sample inventions.

With my upcoming talks and presentations, I’m trying to develop several visual aids I can bring with me. I like to draw, so I’m thinking of making several cartoons to emphasize my talking points. When I go speak to children, I plan to bring props to show the time period of my picture book. I also will bring an item to use for a contest where the children can win a prize if they can guess what that item is. Later on I plan on making some power point presentations as well.

Using visual aids really contributes to your presentations. Your audience will remember your discussions more vividly, which may lead to more talks down the line. If you’re not using visual aids in your talks, you may want to reconsider. It could greatly benefit your career.

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  1. I’ve always found that visual aids to be a great way to involve kids. I know you’ll do a great job!!


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