Schmooze Time

This past Saturday I was the guest speaker for the SCBWI Writers’ Schmooze held at the Barnes and Noble in Redlands, CA. My topic was “Lessons I Learned From Writing a Picture Book.” I had a nice crowd of 10 – 12 people and spoke for about an hour, which included reading my book and answering questions.

Speaking at the Writers' Schmooze at Barnes and Noble in Redlands

Talking about my book, "The Declaration of Independence from A to Z"

It was a fun time with lots of great questions from the attendees. I even used visual aids to help illustrate my talking points, as described in my previous post, “Visual Aids.”

I will be returning to the same Barnes and Noble on May 2nd to read, speak, and then sign books for the Clare Cherry School Bookfair. Come join me if you happen to be in the neighborhood. I’ll be there from 1:00 to 3:00 pm.

2 Responses

  1. Catherine, I’m sure you will soon need a secretary to keep up with all the events you’ll have scheduled!!!


  2. Catherine, your visit to B&N was a great success. So many people have told me how helpful it was to them. They will probably all be back to hear you again in May!

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