What a Moment!

This past Sunday my book was listed as Book of the Month for my church, with people having the opportunity to purchase copies at a table in the courtyard. This was a really nice honor, since it was very rare for our pastor to include children’s books among his recommendations.

In between services I normally sit in the courtyard near the book table as I wait for my husband who serves in another part of the church. But this time I didn’t want to sit too close, so my kids and I moved several tables away.

While we were waiting, a few people approached me so I could sign their books. It was my pleasure to do so, and at one point someone asked me to be sure to put the date on it, too. It wasn’t until much later that I recognized the significance of that moment. I was signing my name onto a book about the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 2010: exactly 234 years after the original document was signed by two of our Founding Fathers!

Eight years ago I would never have dreamed that I would be a writer with a book published about

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