Finding Answers; Sharing Solutions

Research is vital to any good article, especially one that needs to be substantiated with accurate information. I just finished my research for a story that is due next week. Although I haven’t stopped to add up the number of resources I’ve used as of yet (I will very soon to type up my bibliography), I did refer to many books, articles, and websites.

I really enjoy researching. I guess it’s that hidden detective in me, always pursuing those little clues that will lead to the ultimate solution. And now with the internet, I can visit locations and gather data that I would normally have had to travel many miles to acquire.

Yes, research is fun. But now comes the most challenging part: taking ALL that information and transforming it into an interesting, yet concise story that educates and entertains my young readers. I guess this is why I like writing: I can fulfill that urge to find the answers to my many questions, and then I can turn around and share that knowledge with others. What a wonderful job I have!

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