Mental Notes

My family took a day trip to the beach the other day.  I had intended to do some writing while I sat and relaxed, but I ended up looking, listening, and observing everything. The day was unexpectedly cold and cloudy. The sand was smooth in some areas, grainy in others.  The waves boomed and crashed and hissed, kicking up handfuls of mist as they collided into each other. As the waves grew in intensity, the surge sometimes reached out and swept over sand castles and beach chairs. There were people of all ages, wearing a variety of clothes, with some speaking German or Dutch. All of them seemed to enjoy their time, making the best of the weather and the ominous surf.

Sometimes I think we need to just watch. We need to capture images in our heads so we can draw more vivid word pictures when we write. I’m glad I just didn’t sit and write. I’m glad I took mental notes so I can use them for another day. I already have some ideas in mind.

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