Multiple Genres

I’ve read a lot of blog talk the past several weeks on whether one should write in more than one genre. Some have argued that a publisher will want to market one area only, not several. Another said that if you build up one audience, you need to follow with a similar story to keep that audience. Someone else pointed out that you should wait until you make it big and then step into another area.

I have a problem with these arguments. As a Christian I pray for the Lord to stir my heart towards projects. He has given me many, and they are not all in the same genre. I’ve written for both adult and children, fiction and non-fiction. I enjoy mysteries for kids and I’m working on a YA novel right now. As I keep writing and seeking the Lord’s direction, He keeps giving me a variety of ideas. I need to be faithful to put them down onto paper. I’ll let Him worry about the marketing details.

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  1. Catherine, I so agree with you! God gives me ideas to write in a number of genres. Should I not be faithful to write them down just because I need to be “branded.” Even if I never become famous, I will have written what I feel God has told me to.


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